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So it's Feliks, but like, I'm way busy, or out doing something rad, or I don't actually feel like talking to you. Leave a message after the little beepy thing? And I'll call you back if I feel like it.



Thanks for calling Feliks Łukasiewicz. It looks like you've got me at a bad time. If it's a message for me personally, leave it here -- make sure your name and number's in the message, ok?

If it doesn't have to be me, and it's about Mutants Aren't Monsters or Bless the Outcasts you can reach their toll-free numbers at [numbers here], respectively.

Thanks again!



[Text message? Emails to his personal, school, or activist organization-related email accounts? Notes on the Boys' Dorm kitchen fridge? Smoke signals outside his window? Leave it here, just say what it is in the header.]
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[Luceti is surely used to hearing Chopin's music played over the journals by now. This time, though, it's played by a less steady hand-- whoever is playing isn't terrible, but he isn't a genius, or even a professional. Still, there's a lot of feeling in the song, slow and sad as it is.]

[And when it's finished, there's a long pause before he manages to push out the words:]

Fryderyk Franciszek Chopin -- Frederic -- isn't in Luceti anymore.

[What else can he say? Nothing, so he ends the feed.]

[[VIDEO - Locked to House 44 residents]]

So just a heads up, I'm gonna go find my own place.

[He never REALLY lived there anyways, he thinks, just sort of crashed in Chopin's room. And without him there... He's going to have to find ways to make it on his own here.]
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[Poland is dangling from one of the structures on the playground in a position that's far more comfortable than it looks, the urge to try and talk to people having struck him during his morning walk.]

Okay, but no, like, here's what I totally don't get. Did they like, just kidnap us to hang out and play house or whatever? 'Cause for all I've heard about some war, I'm only sure this isn't some weirdo Russian plot to bore me to death 'cause he'd never be able to get Fryderyk in on something like that. And I guess 'cause Siberia is way more boring than here, not to mention there's a ton less food.

So I was thinking, like, I'd check out the rest of the enclosure. Has anyone found anything awesome out there? Like, how far can we go? Is there anywhere nobody's been to yet? 'Cause I so wanna see it if there is!

Also, I was thinking and stuff... Like, if dead people can show up here, pretty much anyone can, right? So... Like... I mean, the other nations could, too. Which would be hella rad if it was like Hungary or Italy or someone, but, um...

I guess what I'm saying is, I'm super bored anyway, so I wanna start training again!

[Also that he doesn't want to get his ass kicked if Russia or Prussia turns up.]

Action prompts under the cut! )
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[So someone, thanks to a combination of social anxiety, a comfortable place to stay with a person he feels safe with, and vague distrust of the journals, hasn't been very social recently.]

[But as much as he enjoys Chopin's company, and has perhaps even grown a little warmer towards Chopin's housemates if he's been persuaded to spend time with them, Poland has started to realize he might be here for a while, and, well... He's getting a little bored not talking to anyone. Time to give the journal a try!]

Hey! Um, a lot of you don't know me, and that's pretty sad, so I'm doing you a major solid and introducing myself! I'm like, Poland. It's good to meet you or whatever!

Cut for length! Video + Action )
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[Someone didn't bother flipping past the first page of the journal. And, finding a mostly-blank sheet of paper, he's decided to write a letter.]

Hey, Liet!

Oh my God, you totally wouldn't believe how crazy stuff has been at my place! Like ok, there was this huge fight, right? Like, at Stroczek? And I was so rad, Liet, I kicked all kinds of Russian butt. You should have seen how mad he was! So hilarious.

I think the victory party might have gotten a little off the hook, though? 'Cause like, I woke up in the woods, wearing somebody else's pants! No clue whose, though, it's just me and the pants and for some reason an empty diary or something. Oh--wanna know the other weird thing? I totally have wings now! They're not huge and badass like the ones on my old armor but they're still pretty fierce.

So I think I'm gonna go, you know, look for the nearest village or some junk. When you get this, you should sneak out and come to my place--Russia might kind of still be advancing, and it's about to go down again, so you could watch me kick his butt! It'd look kind of like this:

[Here follows an extremely rough doodle of a person on horseback kicking another person (who is wearing a scarf) in the face.]

You could help if you wanted, too, I guess. I'll send this when I find a town, so I hope it'll get to you soon!



[...Yeah, it's pretty obvious that he didn't know this was public. It's also worth noting that for all the carefree bravado in the letter, he doesn't look quite so confident in the picture the camera snapped.]
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This journal is BEING REUSED. Posts before this point pertain to the now-defunct Xavier's Institute, and after it pertain to Luceti. All posts have the game tagged, if you're looking for something old.

Ok, that's all, go about your business!


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